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Be In Love Video

If you haven't yet please check out the video Be In Love on Youtube: It's quite incredible if I do say so myself.

Be In Love, written by my good friends in Dominic and the Lucid, was the song chosen as the backdrop for a pile of amazing Maine musicians all taking part in Playing For Change Day 2012; put on by the Playing for Change Foundation.

The film and music project was spear-headed by the Maine Academy of Modern Music with the help of countless audio and video professionals in and around Portland. I've done my fair share of audio editing and a little with video; the techincal efforts that went into putting this project together honestly makes my head spin. It's quite the undertaking.

I was more then excited to have been asked to be part of this great piece; so honored to be featured along side of some of my favorite musicians.

On Valentines Day MAMM followed up with a compilation of original music from some of the artists involved with the project. You can check it out here; - the actual song, Be In Love is a free download!

I also provided, Under A Tree, a song that is not yet on any of my albums. 

Be in love!