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John Lennon Cover- Look at Me

Sometimes I hear a song and I just have to "hold it" in a way - I get the over whelming urge to bring it closer and make it mine.

At any given time I probably have a dozen and a half cover songs on my recording hard-drive and every now and then I actually finish one!

This here is Look at Me a brilliant and simple song penned by one of the world greatest songwriters, John Lennon-
I always thought the song had a lot of room for interpretation - the version he left us was recorded as almost an after thought and never added to - It's pretty sparse.
This is not to say his song is not amazing in it's own right; there is a sweet loneliness in this song that I have always been drawn to.

Anyways while clunking around in Austin I found some time to keep up on my recording which I do just for fun; it's like therapy and this is the result of some of that session-
Hope you like it as much as I had fun making it!