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New Album with Pledge Music!!!

Hi Everyone - 

So the first order of business - The guys and I started a new record last week and I couldn't be more excited about the songs and how everything is sounding. This is definitely the best material I've ever come up with; most of the songs were written last winter while I was in Austin during a truly inspiring yet challenging time. I'm doing my best to see that I get the recording tied up before I roll south. Then comes the hard part… financing the mixing, duplication and promotion needed to launch it and all before I hit the road in October...

So I started a Pledge Music campaign to help with that end of things. Check it out here;

Through experience I know first hand the huge amount of money and energy it takes to bring a simple CD into this world. Over the year I've supported a bunch of Pledge and Kickstarter campaigns of local and national artists. It's basically a way of "preordering" the album to help the artists finish it; it's a awesome system for musicians (as us makers of music are generally not known for our fat bankrolls…). It goes beyond simple preorder though - There are all kinds of goodies you can order from my campaign; signed Cd's, tee shirts, vinyl pressings of the album, house Concerts etc... I even put my very first guitar up for grabs!...  if everyone of my Facebook "friends" and "fans" and mailing list subscribers did the minimum 10$ "pledge" we'd be styling and I could get this new record into your ears by the end of the year! Easy. Anything more we raise will go toward my initial touring expenses which will be pretty substantial… 

All pledgers will be getting all kinds of updates too - rare tunes, video updates, bonus tracks…
So please come be a part!

It's been a crazy busy summer here in Maine- the big news beside the new album getting started is that I sold my car and bought a van which I have outfitted for living on the road. It's pretty pimp; I gutted this thing completely and started over with it. I'm planning on doing a lot of touring over the next few years  Like A LOT; nonstop if I can… I'll be heading down to Austin in mid-october and I'll be using that as my home-base of sorts.

More updates soon- and again- cool exclusive stuff to everyone that pledges.

You'll hear from me soon and thanks ahead of time for your support!