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NEW EP!!! *Weighless Embrace*

On May 12 2012 I released a short run EP of cover songs called Weightless Embrace. Only 250 screen-printed copies were made. If you were on my online mailing list you were emailed a link for a free download (see I told you it was worth being connected!)

The Cd’s can be purchased from my online store here.  Due to licensing red tape and costs we most likely won’t be issuing them as digital downloads on iTunes or anywhere so get it while you can (LIKE AT SHOWS>>>)

This is the first release or recording project for that matter that I have done entirely with a “band”. In this case, Pete Genova on bass and Seth Kearns on drums worked with me from the first to the last step of this release. I decided to go ahead with a release of covers because I felt the need to “work out the kinks” with the guys regarding the recording process. I have a slew of new tunes already waiting to be developed but wanted to get some playtime under our belts before digging into a new record. On top of that the summer is busy for all of us and we didn’t want to be locked in a studio during the most beautiful time of year.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. I’ll be demoing new tunes this summer and we hope to be ready to record sometime in the fall

Until we meet again!


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