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New Sound Cloud Page!

I now have a Sound Cloud account where you can stream some of the cover material I have been working on.

Every now and then I find it necessary to take a break from the writing and recording of my own material. These short breaks help me to “replenish the well” if you will; when I start feeling depleted and uninspired: a very common occurrence for most any artist. Over the years I have always learned and practiced the songs of the bands and artists that I love. To keep things a little more interesting for myself I have tended to “play” with the arrangements; often concocting something that doesn't quite resemble the original song all too much. I suppose in someways I am making it my own.

This process is a therapeutic one for me, often bringing more inspiration and a much needed kickstart to get busy on my own material again.

As always I will be sharing anything new with my email subscribers first (upper right hand corner of my website- do it!). On the Sound Cloud account I will stream some of this material for everyone. Please check back often, I have a ton of half finished tunes that I'm pecking away at. When they are done I will post them!

You may also notice that I posted all of the Weightless Embrace EP we put out in May of 2012; this is the only place it can be streamed in its entirety.

Hope you enjoy!