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New: Twitter & Instagram

So I have been trying like to hell to avoid all the social networking hubbub out there; (as it is I don't use my Myspace anymore...does anyone??) I feel like there are 20 things that need to be updated every time I get a new show or break a string. It can be utterly exhausting keeping up with it all but it has become such an important part of being a musician and impossible to ignore.

I have finally allowed common sense to take the helm in this issue and succumb to the worlds of twitter and Instagram - It was hard not to once I noticed how many of my favorite acts and bands are on these site sharing ideas and pictures; both silly and informative.

Feel free to connect with me in these two virtual worlds but be please be forewarned; you'll be experiencing both my "professional" musician side with show updates and music news as well as my ridiculous, mouthy side and anything else that I find amusing or "tweeter-able".

I suppose I have gradually come to realize the immense benefits these two social networks can have in getting my music and name out there. However, if I'm going to embrace these necessary evils I'm gonna have some fun with them...

Tweet ya' later!

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