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Write-up from The Portland Press Hearld-
September 26
- By Aimsel Ponti

Making Noise: New music by Bettencourt and Richardson may move you

Hello music fans. All in all, things are pretty good. The air is getting crisp, our favorite batch of bearded boys is in the playoffs, and some of my favorite local musicians are doing all sorts of awesome things.

Let me begin with Eric Bettencourt. The news from his camp is that he is recording and he says in his newsletter that it's the best material he's ever written. He wrote most of the tunes while in Austin, Texas, last winter, and before he heads south again in the coming weeks, he's hoping to put a bow on the new music.

Before I tell you where you come in, let me take a moment to rave properly about Bettencourt. He's got three key things going for him, and the combination makes for one of the most impressive singer-songwriters we've got around here. First off, his singing voice has the kind of rasp to it that makes you want to keep listening. Secondly, he's an accomplished guitarist. Thirdly, this chap knows how to write songs and to do justice to ones written by others.

Go to and have your own private listening party. Check out "Smile" and "Dying" from "Secret Songs for Secret People." Then check out the three songs on his "This Big House" EP. Finally, listen to what he does with songs by the likes of David Mallett and Jimi Hendrix on "Weightless Embrace."

If you believe in his music as much as I do, perhaps you'd be willing to crack open your wallet, even just a little bit, and toss some love to Bettencourt's Pledge Music campaign. Every dollar will go toward completing the new record. Essentially, you'll be pre-ordering the new album and that, my friends, is awesome. Interested? Head to

One more thing: Before Bettencourt flies the coop, he's got a show coming up in Kennebunk with Sara Hallie Richardson.

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