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WINNER Best Folk Act—Portland Phoenix 2010 Best Music Poll

Best Music Poll: 2010

Winner: Best Folk Act
3rd Place:
Best Album-The Giraffe Attack Collection

"A runner-up in last year's poll, Bettencourt earned this victory the hard way: as a write-in candidate. Bettencourt is a songwriter at heart, expertly crafting a wide range of tunes around his scratchy, Janis Joplin-esque voice. Whether equipped with just an acoustic guitar, or with his whole backing band, Bettencourt combines folk, blues, and classic rock elements into always-pleasing melodic concoctions. He has admittedly learned from the rock gods themselves — Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Dylan — but is able to stay contemporary, also drawing on current artists like Iron and Wine and Ray LaMontagne. Combining guitar chops with lyrical prowess is a proven recipe for success and Bettencourt isn't afraid to go with what works. However, he still brings ingenuity to his tracks, often using unconventional arrangements. A staple in the Portland scene, Bettencourt is also a producer and runs his own record label Shadow Shine Records."

2. Marie Moreshead
3. Jason Spooner
4. Putnam Smith